• Tech and Wine

Online marketing is important these days for ANY kind of business.
Is it stressing you out? Relax, we've got you covered.


• An individualized approach to marketing

• Knowledge of alt. health and tourism markets

• Starter website you can easily add to

• Add-ons such as opt-ins and email marketing


• Perfect for “non-tech-y” types

• Help with creating content in a relaxed “right-brained” visual context

• Flexible plans, programs, and coaching

• VIP support available


• Have the freedom to focus on your business

• Coaching to help you overcome time-wasting mindset blocks

• Done-for-you services, ala-carte and packages

All the fancy digital marketing stuff sounds great “on paper,” but here’s the truth:

Success in marketing and in business is a HOLISTIC process.

For this reason, when clients work with me, I do more than just wait for you to tell me what to put on your site or what to write about.  We’ll dig a little deeper to uncover mindset blocks and brainstorm ideas.. and get your WHOLE mind into it!

Digital marketing is just a fancy term for the many, many ways to make your business, whether a “brick and mortar” fixed location.. or an online business..VISIBLE.

After all, if nobody knows you exist, how can you help them or give them a fantastic, life-transforming experience?

Let’s work together to “De-Mystify” the process!


Creating and maintaining your website is an important process.

This is true whether you are brand new to business, have been struggling to maintain stable cash flow, or have an established brand.  A good website is a MUST.

But it doesn’t have to be PAINFUL.

Are you spending too much time, money, and energy on tasks that detract you from your focus of making money for your business AND doing what you love?

Or maybe there is a task you just HATE to do.. (so it never gets done!)

If the timing is right, it may be time to outsource tasks like writing, website maintenance, video editing, and such.


... and enjoy your business.. and your LIFE!

Want another safe, fun, and relaxed place to ask about your "tech" questions, get support, and share your wins?